Millington Nursery School is completely opposed to bullying and we will do all we can to prevent it happening through awareness raising with staff and the development of strategies to respond appropriately when necessary.  Bullying is entirely contrary to the values and principles we work and live by.  Staff recognise that all members of our school community have a right to work and play in a safe and secure environment and have a responsibility to contribute towards its protection and maintenance.  Staff believe that all members of our school community should strive to behave in a caring and thoughtful manner towards others at all times and to provide a safe and secure learning environment for everyone in our school.


Bullying can be defined as deliberately hurtful behaviour, repeated over a period of time.

Within our school community there will be instances where children fall out and annoy each other, either without thinking or deliberately.  In Millington Nursery School we work very hard to minimise these occurrences by creating an ethos where unsocial behaviour is not seen as acceptable.

As part of our curriculum we present acceptable appropriate behaviours to the children and actively work to raise self-esteem.

We encourage parents to help by talking to their children positively, letting us know any concerns or worries their children may have to help us deal with small difficulties to prevent them becoming big problems.


During together-time we aim to raise children’s awareness regarding caring for ourselves and each other.  Stories, pictures, rhymes and discussion are used to address issues such as; sharing, friendship, obeying rules, taking turns and feelings.

We aim to work with pupils when incidents occur and use the situation as a learning process.

A range of sanctions may be applied when children behave inappropriately or in a bullying manner.  How a particular type of behaviour is handled will depend on the child and the circumstances.  The aim is not to punish children but to make them aware that such situations are unnecessary and can be avoided.

Parents will be informed if their child is persistently unkind to others or if their child has been upset.  In all cases, inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in school at the time.  Parents may be asked to meet with staff to discuss their child’s behaviour, so that if there are any difficulties, staff and parents can work together to ensure consistency between home and school.

Ultimately, where the bullying behaviour continues and the child fails to respond positively to these measures, it is possible that a referral under the Child Protection Policy may be appropriate.  This would only happen following consultation with the local Social Services (Family and Child Care Team).

Staff will aim to:

  • Follow up parental complaints about bullying and report back promptly to parents with regard to the actions that have been taken.
  • Deal with observed cases of bullying promptly and effectively.
  • Keep factual written records when cases of bullying are reported.


Should you require further information, a more detailed copy of our Anti-Bullying Policy is available from school.