Child Protection

Designated Teacher – Mrs Tanya Millar
Deputy Designated Teacher – Mrs Claire Savage
Governor representative – Mrs H Porter
Chairperson – Mr D. Causby


The purpose of the following leaflet is to give parents an outline of the school’s procedures for Child Protection within the school. Our school has a duty of care to protect our pupils by ensuring that everyone who works within our school has clear guidance and training on the action that is required where abuse or neglect of a child is suspected. Our paramount consideration is the care, welfare and safety of every child in our care.

We have five main areas of responsibility:

1) Prevention

We aim to offer a supportive environment, which encourages a safe, secure atmosphere and promotes such values as self-esteem, openness, honesty, tolerance, respect and caring for self and others. By encouraging our pupils to have a positive self-image we hope they will achieve the knowledge and understanding they need to help protect themselves.

Through the Nursery curriculum we have developed a range of activities to help equip our children with the skills they need to help them stay safe, by recognising unwelcome approaches or behaviour. All activities are handled sensitively so as not to cause anxiety or upset normal relationships between adults and children.

In addition, all individuals who are employed in a permanent or temporary capacity have been vetted and trained in Child Protection.

2) Recognition

All our staff has a responsibility to be aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse – Neglect, Physical, Sexual and Emotional. Due to their prolonged contact with children teachers may be the first to recognise significant changes in behaviour, manner or appearance and it is their duty of care to share concerns with the Designated Teacher.

3) Response

At Millington Nursery School we try to make our pupils aware that if they are worried and need to talk to someone that the staff are here to listen and try to do what they can to help. However, if a child makes a disclosure to staff, they will notify the Designated Teacher and follow the procedures outlined in the school’s Child Protection Policy.

 4) Referral

Having received information regarding suspected, or disclosed, abuse the Designated Teacher will plan a course of action and maintain a written record. She will make a decision, in the best interests of the child, about whether the matter needs to be referred to Social Services. We are legally obliged to make a referral if the child is at risk and where appropriate, parents will be informed. The Designated Teacher may first seek advice and consult with the appropriate senior social worker, provided not child is identified by name, before a referral is made. If the school considers a referral is necessary the Designated Teacher will immediately notify the following:- Social Services or Police and the Designated Officer for child protection in the Education Authority – Southern Region. She will also complete the Child Protection Referral Form UNOCHINI.

5) Confidentiality

At Millington Nursery School the relationship we have with our children and their parents is based on trust, and often on confidentiality. We believe this is a feature of a secure, caring environment. However, Millington staff recognise that, in order to protect children from harm, cases may arise where confidentiality cannot be promised and that the school may need to seek help from other sources. The school also has a professional and legal responsibility, where physical or sexual abuse is suspected, to share relevant information with investigative agencies and to keep records of all complaints or information received about possible abuse.


If the school receives an anonymous letter or telephone call alleging abuse either by someone outside the school or by a member of staff, the Designated Teacher will consider whether the allegation may have substance and he will follow the usual procedure should there be potential risk to a child. However, if unsubstantiated anonymous information is received which she believes to be malicious, she will seek advice from the Education Authority – Southern Region. The school wishes to state that anonymous referrals place the investigating agencies in a difficult position.


At Millington Nursery School the teachers strive to follow the Code of Conduct for staff. However if a complaint about possible child abuse is made against a member of staff, the Designated Teacher will be informed immediately and necessary procedures will be followed. If a complaint is made against the Designated Teacher, his deputy should be informed. She will then contact the Chairman of the Board of Governors. Together they will ensure that the necessary action is taken.

Should you require further information, a more detailed copy of our Child Protection Policy is available from school.

Below is a link to our latest Child Protection policy