Pastoral Care


At Millington Nursery School we regard Pastoral Care as a priority.  We believe it should permeate school life and be reflected in our aims for the school and our approach to the whole Nursery curriculum.

We want our pupils to feel happy to come to Millington Nursery.  We hope to achieve this through providing a safe, comfortable, stimulating environment.  Our Pastoral Care Policy supports the school in promoting a caring, supportive environment in which staff and pupils can work in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Our teachers are committed to a positive approach to teaching and learning and aim to create an atmosphere where staff are approachable, children are known and listened to and where self-esteem is promoted.  Within this ethos we can identify the characteristics we want to develop in our pupils, so not only do we impart knowledge but also develop values so our pupils can grow up with the skills to equip them for life.  Our staff work closely together to care for each child’s pastoral needs.  Any additional information parents may be able to share with staff is always gratefully appreciated.


The health and safety of all pupils and employees is of paramount importance and each individual adult and child has the responsibility to exercise care and attention regarding the safety of themselves and others.


A detailed induction programme has been established with opportunities for parents and children to visit our school prior to starting.  Detailed information packs are distributed at these meetings.


Children who feel unwell in class are monitored initially by their teacher.  Arrangements will be made for the child to be taken home.  Parents should always try to make sure the contact details given to us on data forms is kept up to date.  The school will always try to act in what they consider to be the best interests of the child and should it not prove possible to contact the parent, then in certain cases children will be taken to hospital if it is felt appropriate.


The administration of life-saving medication to pupils is carried out at the discretion of the school.  Parents should note that no pupil is allowed to hold medicines within school.  Where a child requires the administration of such medicines for ongoing treatment this has to be agreed by the Principal.  The administration of such life-saving medicines will be at the discretion of the school and only where a parent supplies both written permission and instructions for its administration.


At Millington Nursery School we aim to help our children realise the benefits of leading a healthy life-style by understanding those activities that can be either beneficial or detrimental to their health.  These are usually discussed during story time.  The school also operates a Healthy Breaks Policy.


We aim to safeguard the welfare of each child.

We  recognise that on occasions children will need assistance with changing and toileting.

In most cases intimate care will involve a member of staff supervising and/or assisting a child to change clothing or carry out an intimate care procedure.  A full change of clothing should be brought to school each day.  If parents are uncomfortable with the arrangements highlighted in the Intimate Care Policy they should make their concerns known to the Principal in writing.


We aim to promote positive behaviour within the Nursery, building on each child’s self-esteem and independence.  We also operate an anti-bullying policy.  Bullying is a sensitive issue and the school does not condone deliberate, hurtful behaviour repeated over time.  At school we aim to create an ethos where unsociable behaviour is not seen as acceptable and where children and parents feel confident to confide in staff and know their concerns will be heard and dealt with.  A section on anti-bullying exists within our Discipline Policy.



Fire drills are carried out each term and all staff and pupils are made aware of evacuation procedure and assembly points in the school ground.  If the school grounds have to be evacuated, all pupils will be taken to Brownstown Community Centre for collection by their parents.  In the event of a major incident, the school also has in place a Critical Incident Plan.



We want our pupils to feel happy and safe coming to Millington Nursery School.  Normally school life runs smoothly and children know the routines but it is helpful if parents equip their child with the confidence to cope with unexpected changes.  Teachers also make pupils aware of the safety procedures to follow should there be a change in their daily routine, e.g. parents being delayed in collecting them from school.


Should you require further information, a more detailed copy of our Pastoral Care Policy is available from school.