Positive Behaviour

Discipline is an important part of school life and good discipline is essential if we are to fulfil our school policy and aims. In the past discipline was often thought of as a series of punishments for when things went “wrong”. This however is not the case in Millington, where we consider it to be a carefully thought out plan that will help develop self-discipline within each child.

In Millington Nursery School the staff aim to create a climate which will :-

  • Promote positive behaviour

  • Encourage self-discipline and consideration for others and our surroundings, creating an environment where they can engage in effective and enjoyable learning.

  • Children are encouraged to co-operate with each other and their teachers to create a happy and caring atmosphere in the Nursery and to display good manners and a high standard of behaviour at all times, including staff, pupils, parents and visitors.

We aim to work in partnership with parents and enjoy their endorsement and active support with regard to promoting the school’s Positive Behaviour Policy and rules of discipline within the Nursery.

All Nursery staff aim to model the type of behaviour that is expected from the children. Staff believe that consistent follow-through is required if children are to realise that they mean what they say and that promises will be kept.

If someone falls below our standards of behaviour, they are spoken to and reminded of our expectations. Repeated or deliberate misbehaviour however, has to result in some form of sanction or punishment.

Millington Nursery School operates a system of rewards and incentives which is applied with consistency by all staff, thereby helping to establish and maintain a climate in which the children come to appreciate what constitutes acceptable behaviour. Positive behaviour and attitudes are regularly celebrated within the Nursery and shared with parents.

Parents will be informed if their child is persistently unkind to others or if their child has been upset. In all cases inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in school at the time. Parents may be asked to meet with staff to discuss their child’s behaviour, so that if there are any difficulties staff and parents can work together to ensure consistency between home and school.

Staff recognise that there may be a very small number of pupils for whom none of the above interventions are effective. In such cases the child’s difficulties will be addressed through the five stages of the SEN Code of Practice, just as for any other special educational need.


Children are encouraged to respect themselves, other people and property. They are introduced to the following simple rules as situations arise:

We must –

  • Always do our best.

  • Take care of our friends and ourselves.

  • Share if there is enough for others, otherwise take turns.

  • Take care of our books and toys.

  • Pick up toys when we drop them.

  • Walk in the classroom.

  • Speak quietly to our friends and teachers.

  • Listen to our friends and teachers when they are speaking to us.

  • Flush the toilet after use.

  • Wash our hands.

  • Ride our bikes on the cycle track.

  • Climb, jump and slide with care.

  • Only run on the grass.

  • Always look where we are going.

  • Tell our teacher if someone gets hurt.

Should you require further information, a more detailed copy of our Positive Behaviour Policy is available from school.