School Vision


Millington Nursery School aims to provide a caring, safe, stimulating and enjoyable family environment, in which the children’s needs are met by a supportive and sensitive staff, through the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum, which ensures that the children in our care experience success, mature in independence, develop self respect, have a positive attitude towards learning and are caring and considerate towards others.

The development of a caring Christian ethos is central to the work of our school.


Within the resources available, Millington Nursery School aims to develop each child to his or her full potential so that he or she will become an independent and confident individual with positive attitudes and a caring awareness of the community and environment.

Millington Nursery aims to provide a stimulating happy environment where the children in our care can feel safe and secure.

Introduce children to as wide a range of experiences and opportunities as possible.

Learning together successfully in a fun, relaxed environment.

Links between home and school to be established through frequent contact with parents so that they may enjoy and share in their child’s daily achievements.

Investigate and explore to develop a sense of wonder for their world.

Nurture a love and excitement in books, stories, rhymes, songs and music and build on their pre-existing language skills.

Give each child every assistance to help them settle into their new environment and progress towards the beginning of their primary school life.

To become more considerate and appreciative of others.

Opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, values and attitudes across the curriculum.

Nurture physical fitness, co-ordination, well-being and a healthy lifestyle.